PEC is dedicated to good corporate governance principles. We strive to be transparent, fair and professional with our cooperation with investors, business partners and employees. A major priority is to identify, monitor, manage and minimise any potential risks in the operations and governance of the company.

PEC hold itself accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Our Code of Conduct ensures that our business activities are undertaken with integrity, transparency and accountability, for PEC to be a trustworthy and accountable partner to all our stakeholders.

PEC has in place a Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Grievance Mechanism in accordance to international (IFC Performance Standard) and national regulatory requirements and policies as guiding principles for appropriate decision making and actions.

Our Governance Initiatives:

We uphold strict compliance with business code of conduct, policies and guidelines.

We ensure transparent and clear reporting structure and communication.
We conduct regular internal audits to keep in check the governance of our organisation
We ensure thorough monitoring and management of financial, operational and technological risks across our facilities.