Environmental Protection

PEC maintains that all employees are committed to environmental responsibility at all times. We firmly belief that making the right environmental decision leads to better investment outcomes and increased wellbeing of our stakeholders and society at large. Hence, it is out aim to ensure that we can continuously improve the environmental impact of our business.

We have put in place an Environmental and Social Management Plan in accordance with Malaysia’s national standards and other international regulatory framework, standards and guidelines, covering a wide variety of environmental aspects

Our Environmental Initiatives:

We have integrated ESG factors into our operations and business, monitoring present compliance and actively managing risks of future proposed ESG regulations.

We seek to conduct our businesses and operations in an environmentally responsible manner and are always striving to consistently meet environmental standards in the communities in which we operate.

We make environmental considerations a priority in the planning for all existing and new operations and products.

We comply with environmental regulations and requirements applicable to our operations and business.

Minimise resource consumption and pollutant emissions through the implementation of control measures and technologies to optimise performance and efficiency.

We will continuously verify and improve the effectiveness of our environmental management practices and focus on pollutant reduction at source, as much as reasonably viable.

We promote sustainability through providing alternative sustainable and economical sources of energy through the adoption of green technologies.