Social Responsibility

PEC is aware that our actions impact our employees, customers, communities and the environment in which we operate in. We aim to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, as we commit to observe community values and protect our natural environment.

PEC has conducted a comprehensive Human Rights Impact Assessment with applicable national and international laws and regulations as guiding principles, to identify, understand, assess and address any adverse effects of PEC’s project or activities on the human rights such as employees and community members. It also serves as a prevention and mitigation for risks of adverse impacts from PEC’s business operations and services. PEC has taken a proactive approach to ensure that right of employees and community members are to be respected and promoted.

Our Social Responsibility Initiatives:

We aim to create a safe, inclusive and learning centric organisation with employee welfare in mind.
We conduct community development to improve welfare and living standards through support, counselling and continuous socialisation.
We aim to operate with trust and transparency, providing customers with quality products and services.
We encourage the growth & development of our people with opportunities for all.